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Our Parents

Alex M. Tekurio was born and raised in Papeete, Tahiti.  He was raised by grandparents; Taumata and Vahinerii Mapuhi, who taught him the importance of church, family, and culture.  At the age of 14, his grandparents were assigned to coordinate the Tahitian village at the Polynesian cultural center (P.C.C) in Hawaii.  While living in Tahiti; in his early years, he was constantly around masters who taught their unique skills of drumming, singing, and entertaining. But it was his family’s move to Hawaii that helped cultivate and develop his love for Tahiti.  As a youth, he would watch his grandparents teach and it was their love for the culture and example that would put Alex on the path of becoming a master himself.  His experiences in Hawaii provided him with the opportunity to teach; just as his grandparents did, around the world and share the Tahitian culture with others.

        In 1969; at the age of 19, he organized his first group to perform throughout Japan.  3 years later he joined Royal Polynesian Revue and traveled throughout the world. Through his group, he met his wife Tanya, and in 1989 Alex and Tanya organized Hitia O Te Ra Polynesian Dance Troupe.  Hitia O Te Ra has won numerous awards and many accomplishments.

        In 2018,  Alex & Tanya Tekurio moved to Southern Utah where he continued to teach his children and grandchildren about their heritage and culture.  On October 14, 2020, Alec passed away leaving a legacy of faith, love, music, and dance.  We are grateful for his example of hard work, patience, humility, and faith. 

He was a great husband, father, grandfather,

and teacher.  

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