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2020 - Esteemed Judges


Head Judge

Lucie Fonoimoana

Aunty Lucie was born and raised in the island of Tahiti. She has been a staple at every Hura Tahiti event; both in California and in Utah. She continues to dedicate her time to teaching and helping dancers understand the foundation of 'Ori Tahiti. She has judged many Tahitian dance competitions and we are very grateful to have her join us this year. 

Tuko Tekurio

Born and raised in Tahiti, Uncle Tuko is an award-winning teacher, drummer, choreographer, and leader.  At a young age, he understood the importance of perpetuating his culture through music, drumming, and dance and did so through his group Tekurio Nui.  He continues to share his talents with others and we are grateful to have him join our panel of judges this year.

Tuko (2).png

Moena Maiotui


Moena started dancing at 5 years old. She entered very early into some popular groups : O Tahiti E and Les Grands Ballets de Tahiti. Since 2008 she is the female leader of Tumata Robinson’s group Tahiti Ora. Her artistic performances allowed her to promote tahitian dance in international tours bringing her to Japan, Australia, New-Caledonia, France, Europe, Canada, Hawaii and the US. She has created a lot of choreographies for Tahiti Ora with “The Legend of Marukoa” at the Heiva i Tahiti 2011 and “Pifa’o or the Malediction” at the Heiva 2014, both shows awarded by the Prize Madeleine Moua in the Hura Tau category. Moena also won the Best Female Dancer Prize at the Heiva i Tahiti 2011.

Hirohiti Tematahotoa

Hiro is the director and choreographer of the award-winning Tahitian dance group Hanatika, Nunaa E Hau, and director of Ecole de Danse de Tahitienn e Heiva in Papeete.  He has served as a member of the jury for the Heiva I Tahiti, the Ori Tahiti Nui International Competition, and the Tahiti Fete of San Jose. We welcome him this year as one of our Master Teachers.  


2nd best male dancer Heiva I Tahiti 1996

Best couple dancer Heiva I Tahiti 1999

2nd place Mehura at Hura Tapairu 2009 

2nd place Ote’a at Hura Tapairu 2010

2nd place Overall Hura Tapairu 2010

1st place Hura Ava Tau Group at Heiva I Tahiti 2011with HANATIKA

1st place Hura Ava Tau Group at Heiva I Tahiti 2017 with NUNAA E HAU

3rd place Hura Tau Group at Heiva I Tahiti 2018 with NUNAA E HAU


Ty Buendia

Born and raised in the east coast of the states and now residing in California. Tylon is of Mā’ohi decent: his mother, Tekeho Porokura Hina Mariteragi, from Hikueru Tuamotus and Late Father, Delbert Dale Buendia from Pearl city Hawaii. Both parents were dancers and instilled their knowledge of the Polynesian arts into their son at a very young age.

Since 2010 Tylon has been dancing professionally for several venues, the Makahiki Luau located in Sea world Orlando, the Mai Kai restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale FL, the Festival of the Lion King at Disney world’s animal kingdom and the Spirit of Aloha dinner show in the Polynesian resort Orlando FL.

In 2012 Tylon was appointed to be the lead Male dancer and choreographer of the pupu ori, Tahiti Tamure. Since accepting this responsibility Tylon has found his true joy of life, learning and perpetuating his Tahitian culture.

Since 2013 Ori Tahiti has taken Tylon to places like Hawaii, California, Canada and his Island home Tahiti. Tylon’s motive of actively competing is to share the true mana of dancing, love.

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