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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of classes do you offer?

  • Te Fano O Te Ra is a Tahitian phrase meaning, 'The Voyage of the Sun'. Although we specialize in 'Ori Tahiti (Tahitian dance) our focus is the celebrate the songs, dances, music, and drumbeats of the Pacific Islands. Dancers will learn the proper techniques and steps of 'Ori Tahiti while learning language and choreography.  We encourage our students to ground themselves in cultural learning while developing confidence and discipline.

Where are you located?

  • Our address is: 293 E Telegraph St, Washington, UT 84780

Do you have open enrollment periods or can anyone join at any time?

  • We have open enrollment periods 3x a year before the start of each semester. January - May (Spring Semester), July - August (Summer Session), September - December (Fall/Winter Semester) Open enrollment will be held the first month of each semester. 

How much do you charge? 

  • Tuition is due each month; for the following month and the cost of the tuition depends on the semester and your class placement.  Students who have not paid their tuition before the start of the first class of the month will not be able to participate unless all fees have been paid in full.  Please talk to your teacher if you are having difficulties paying each month. Click here to read our Tuition agreement.


Is there a registration fee?

  • All new students or students who have taken a break and will be returning to dance must pay a $35 registration fee. 

Can I pay for the entire semester? If so, is there a discount?

  • Yes. Again, monthly tuition depends on the semester and class placement. Please talk to Malia before paying for the entire semester.

Do you offer family plans?

  • Yes. Family plans are for immediate family members only. (Parents and siblings). For 3-4 enrolled members, deduct $5 from the overall total of the monthly fee. CODE: 3FMD 5 or more family members deduct $10 from the overall monthly fee. CODE: 5FMD

How can I pay for classes?

  • We take cash, credit/debit, or Venmo.

Are all shows private or will you perform at free public events?

  • We love performing for our community. Each year we participate in the St George Art Festival (FREE) and the Washington County Fair. For more information email

What do I/my child need to purchase in order to participate in shows?

  • All members are required to purchase a Te Fano studio shirt and class pareu (sarong). Each year, the class colors will change. All dancers are required to purchase any necessary items needed to participate in large shows such as the End of Season Showcase, Polynesian Days in Lehi, Utah, and the Dickens Festival. 

Can I hire your group for private or corporate events?

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