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On behalf of Alex & Tanya Tekurio, as well as the entire Hitia O Te Ra Staff we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those who joined us for our…

15th annual Hura Tahiti of Southern California!


The caliber of dancers and soloists excelled our expectations! Each of you did amazing!  We felt your MANA! AND your costumes were beautiful. From our Tamari'i exhibition to our Master's category...

Thank you for sharing your love of Ori Tahiti with us.
JOB WELL DONE to all 30+ RAATIRA PUPU's for your leadership and contribution in preserving and perpetuating the beauty of Tahiti through performing Arts!


Hiva Katoa

Kalohi Kamahine

O Hina'aro Nui

Rau Tama Nui

Varua Tahiti E

Thank you for all your hard work preparing for Saturday's group competition! Your performances were amazing. Your dancers and drummers performed with so much MANA! Congratulations to each of you for a job well done AND congratulations to all the leaders and teachers who work tirelessly behind the scenes to prepare their dancers & drummers for competition.


A big MAURUURU ROA to our esteemed judges:
Lucie Fonoimoana 
Tuko Tekurio

Tumata Robinson

Moena Maiotui

Robby Ariiotima

Alaska Faafatua (Drumming)

Hiti Ariipeu (Drumming)


Mauruuru Roa for sharing your knowledge and love with us! Thank you for your feedback and constructive criticism in strengthening our talents and building our love for the Tahitian culture. We love you and appreciate you. It is never easy being judged, but it is an even harder job critiquing and guiding others. With our hearts and our minds open we can grow and develop our talent if we apply their

To our Master & Mistress of Hura Tahiti:

Uncle Runi, Aunty Wailana, and Aunty Vailili-Thank you for your sharing your humor, your love, & your friendship with us! I love watching each of you interact with the audience and each other! 

Bryson Kim, Michael Lagman, & Nelson Javier    thank you for capturing the 'good side' of every dancer, drummer, and performer!  You guys are an amazing team! From the behind-the-scene footage to the live streaming of our competition-MAURUURU ROA for your time, effort, and talent.  We love & appreciate you!



A special Mauruuru to our Platnum Sponsors - Air Tahiti Nui & Tahiti Tourism.  Our goal has always been to share the beauty & splendor of Tahiti to all who are willing to learn our culture.  You have given dancers the platform to do just that.  Air Tahiti Nui awarded our OVERALL VAHINE & TANE a round trip ticket to participate in this year's Ori Tahiti Nui Competition hosted by Tumata & Manouche!



Last but not least- to our staff- Hitia O Te Ra! We appreciate your service in helping to make this competition a success. From those who helped with our vendors and food trucks... To those that greeted our guests at the front door and help them find the perfect size shirt... To those that took care of our friends from Tahiti and picked up our judges... To our security guards, scoring team, backstage crew, sweepers and everyone else in between...


And with every passing year, we learn and we grow and we try to make each year better. If you have any suggestions, comments or concerns please feel free to email:
Not only do soloists and dance groups need constructive criticism, so do we. 

We'll see you June 2019 in Norwalk, CA!


MINI HURA of Southern UTAH


If you are excited as we are to continue dancing! then join us on October 20th in BEAUTIFUL St. George UT as we host the 2nd Annual Mini Hura Tahiti of Southern Utah.  This is a Solo and Mini-Group Competition designed to help dancers share their love for 'Ori as well as receive critique from amazing judges.  


We hope to see you there!!

Mauruuru Roa!

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